jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

The Untold Stories


My parents discussed the night before. I told you all the crap they said and how it made me feel. I also mentioned how I yelled and how I cried. It was always the same shit... but you were there. You were always listening to me, my dreams, my wishes, my nightmares and sorrows. Yes, you were always there when I needed you. It was night and I was with you.

I never liked whenever you saw me crying. I hated it, but you were the only person I allowed to see me at those moments. Why? Because you made me feel safe. You made me feel strong. Sitting on the bottom bunk I hugged you, pressing my face against your chest; trying to hide the tears that were on my face. You put your arms around me and said that everything would be all right. In some way I believed you. I always believed you. I uncovered my face and stared at you. You smiled at me and I smiled you back; wiping the tears and the demons out of my face, you promised me that everything was going to be ok. You were my best friend and for best friends the promises are made in silence.
We kept in that way for a few seconds; staring at each other, smiling at each other. In that moment I realized all the moles that you had on your face. I approached you and, I don't know why, I started counting them. You giggled, following my index finger with your eyes as I pointed them one by one. "Three, four, five..." I whispered. Then you showed me your hidden moles: the ones behind your neck, at your back and on your tummy. "I have a lot of them," you said, pointing the ones over your abdomen. "I also have one... two on my..." Giggles. I hugged and thanked you for the mole counting therapy. You nodded all blushed; after all you had to explain me where those remaining moles were.

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